Tinorent together with the world’s leading suppliers are able to give you the most affordable price and service along with flexibility and options for vehicles, stations and many types of  your insurance for your car rental / car hier.

Through Tinorent you can find the leading suppliers in the world and here you will get a very good price comparison for your car rental / car hier from variety of suppliers, vehicles and stations around the globe.

This way you can get the a very cheap price for renting / hier a car and you will be able to find the most affordable price without compromising on service.

You can find a variety of cars all over the world – manual transmission cars, automatic cars, SUV rental, car rental  7 pax , car rental  9 pax and more according to the destination you will travel to.

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* The prices and offers received are through the TINORENT/TiNoleggio S.r.l company/website and the customer is responsible and recommended to read the conditions.

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